1. Lake Como, is one of the most beautiful places in the world
Lake Como covers an area of great charm, between Como and Lecco provinces, the Swiss Alps and the Pianura Padana, an astonishing variety of landscapes that changes over short distances. You go from high mountains to the lake, from alpine valley to the ski slopes, from urban areas to the tranquil paradise of wildlife oasis.
Because of the lake, the climate on the shores is mild, especially in the area of the Center Lake, where the three branches of Como, Lecco and Colico meet and where you can enjoy a wonderful view extending from Bellagio’s hills, to the Grigna, with the Alps on the background.
The vegetation in many places is Mediterranean, with olive and laurel trees, the climate favours the growth of a variety of flowers, palms and tropical plants.
Lake Como territory also offers historic and artistic treasures of great interest.
The most famous is the heritage of the villas, high-value landscape and architectonic, but also the many fine examples of Medieval Como, particularly evidenced in the numerous Romanesque churches and the military fortresses that belong to different periods.
Lake Como’s beauties and its territory will never cease to enchant you!!

2. The Territory’s Offer
The offer for who stays in Lake Como territory is varied and attentive to all needs and ages, the endless possibilities to practice sports and excursions, wine and food tours, there are many structures with many services available, including health centers. 
Lake Como is well known in all Europe as the perfect place for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing, thanks to the Breeze, the wind blowing over the lake from March to October. There are also schools and courses for all water sports: from sub courses, canoeing and kayaking to flying a seaplane. 

Madesimo ski slopes are 50km from North Lake and there are slopes of varying difficulty while at about an hour and a half’s drive you can get to St. Moritz.

For walkers, trekking, cycling or mountain biking on Lake Como there are for so many choices, among the many possibilities of excursions in woods, to discovering alpine lakes or villages, natural parks or protected reserves, immersed in a unique scenery. Many artistic and historical paths between the villas on the lake, churches, monuments, castles, but also museums such as those strongly linked to the territory as the textile ones, with possibility of guided tours or independent pathways. 

Among the most beautiful hikes, “Sentiero del Viandante”, from Lecco to Colico, the excursion to Mount Girona, with departure from Menaggio, to Mount Generoso, or Mount Cornizzolo. 

Among the bike routes, the Giro del Pian di Spagna, interesting for the standpoint wildlife, Valley of San Vincenzo tour for landscape and environmental interest, and the trip between Gravedona, Dongo and Stazzona, along the streets of the first pieve altolariana 

Lake Como also has equestrian centers that offer the opportunity of guided tours on horseback along the lake. Among the most beautiful walks, Via Dell’Oregon, with spectacular views of Lake Lecco branch. 

Many walks and tours also for children, from the most accessible nature trails to explore art and nature of the area, to Jungle Raider Park, the adventure park between Como and Lecco. 

The wine and culinary itineraries are based on the varied range of Como cuisine, which can be divided into three zones: lake fish, especially perch, mountain cuisine and valligiana cuisine, where the typical dish is “polenta” (gialla, taragna o cunscia). Excellent the fresh vegetables, including the famous Rogaro’s asparagus. A very good assortment of cheeses and salami. Locally made cheeses are Taleggio, Bitto, Caprini, Formagelle, Ricotta, Semuda and zincherlin. Among wines, the Como Rosso of Bellagio, Vespetrò of Canzo, and the liqueurs of herbal essences (particularly the one produced by the monks of Piona). 
Among the sweet specialties, are the traditional Corizza, a homemade “focaccia”, the Resta del Comm, similar to panettone and Miascia, based on stale bread, which has an ancient tradition. 

For those who enjoy the nightlife, Lake Como offers many occasions. The shops of the central streets in summer are open until late at night. Among the local typical restaurants, pubs, discos, outdoor and indoor, pubs, casinos. 
The calendar of events, throughout the year includes exhibitions, sports and folklore events which are enriched in summer with shows, concerts and outdoor events. 

Are easily accessible also health facilities: Gravedona Hospital and Menaggio Hospital.

Who has bought a house in Lake Como area, in last years has increased in value from 8 to 10% per year. The income of the rents is 5% annual net, to be added at the increase of the property value.

4. Report quality/price of real estate
Lake Como area is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, appreciated by the international jet set. The most prominent residents, George Clooney, Versace, Jennifer Lopez, Eros Ramazzotti, Milva, Ivana Spagna, Lorenzo Riva, Anna Oxa.
Prices per square meter, are more convenient than other exclusive resorts: Venice, Sankt Moritz (20.000 euro/sqm), Milano Centre (12.000/15.000 euro/sqm), Roma (12/15.000 euro/sqm), Venice (12/15000 euro/sqm) Costa Azzurra (10.000 euro/sqm).
Real Estate Agency Tre Pievi has prestigious real estates from 3,000 to 6,000 euros per square meter, exclusive and/or in exclusive location.

5. Connections and Transport
The transports and connections are one of the high points of Lake Como’s territory, which can be easily reached with the main transports and is served by an effective internal network.
The nearest airports are:
– Milan Malpensa (reached also by bus, connected to all major tourist resort of the Lake in less than one hour)
- Milan Linate Airport (7 km from Milan from where intercity or Cisalpine trains leave towards Lugano-Bellinzona, and direct trains for Lecco, Varenna and Colico)
- Bergamo Orio al Serio (connected to the eastern shore of Lake Como with the railway line Lecco-Sondrio, which stops in the main locations, including Varenna Colico)
Lugano Agno (35 km from Como)

Regarding the railway line, Lake Como is connected with Trenitali and Le Nord (Milan – Lecco – Sondrio – Tirano), SBB CFF FFS (Federal Swiss Railways)

The internal connections network is served by buses, ferries, taxis and funicular.